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Perhaps the election results weren’t the outcome he was hoping for.

Long before the ballot tabulations were complete, the party ended for a 44-year-old Lakeville man with his arrest for assaulting a police officer, obstructing with force and disorderly conduct at the hotel where Minnesota Republicans were gathering at the conclusion of Election Day.

The suspect was arrested outside the DoubleTree Hotel at approximately 8:45 p.m. Nov. 6 after scuffling with two police officers who had already escorted him from the hotel property earlier that evening, according to Bloomington Police Cmdr. Kevin Herman.

The officers were working a security detail at the hotel, where party officials and candidates were gathered. A hotel manager approached the officers at approximately 8 p.m. and asked them to escort the suspect from the property, as he was intoxicated and smoking inside the hotel, despite being told he could not do so, Herman said.

The officers approached the man and informed him he needed to leave. He extinguished his cigarette on the floor, claimed he had a right to attend a political event and started to leave the building. The officers offered to call a taxi for the man, but he declined, Herman explained.

It wasn’t long before the suspect was spotted inside the hotel again. He had entered the ballroom where the party was taking place and reportedly approached a table of people, putting his arms around some of them. The group dispersed as a result, Herman said.

The suspect was also reported to be consuming unattended drinks outside the ballroom prior to officers approaching him for the second time. He was escorted to the main entrance of the hotel, where officers waited for a squad car to arrive, as they were going to send him to a detox center. The suspect, seemingly unhappy with the plan, said he was going to go home, and stood up. At that point the officers attempted to handcuff the suspect for their safety, and the suspect resisted, attempting to flee the area. The scuffle resulted in the suspect and both officers falling to the ground, possibly dislocating the knee of the officers, Herman noted.

The suspect continued to scuffle with the officers on the ground, prompting an officer to shoot him with a Taser gun. Officers arriving at the scene assisted with handcuffing the suspect, who was examined by paramedics before being booked, Herman added.

Free ride

His story was a bit unclear, but there was plenty of us evidence to arrest a 25-year-old Bloomington man on suspicion of auto theft.

The suspect was arrested during the morning of Nov. 1 at Fairview Southdale Hospital in Edina, approximately three hours after he was identified as the suspect in a vehicle theft at Bobby and Steve’s Auto World, 7920 France Ave., according to Herman.

The investigation began shortly before 6 a.m. Nov. 1 when the a blue Ford Explorer that was left idling outside of the convenience store was stolen. A witness reported seeing the perpetrator head westbound on I-494, Herman said.

A store employee said that the suspect had been hanging around the convenience store for approximately 30 minutes, both inside and outside of the building. At one point he was reported to have asked for a ride to Mall of America from a customer pumping gas, Herman noted.

Store surveillance video provided an image of the suspect, and an alert was broadcast to area police departments. The description matched that of a man Edina police officers had dropped off at the gas station early that morning, as the suspect’s friend had been arrested and the suspect had no way to return to his Minneapolis home, Herman explained.

Although Bloomington police officers had a description of the suspect and knew the vehicle he drove away in, they didn’t know where he went , at least not initially. But within a few hours he showed up at the hospital, where he was arrested, according to Herman.

He drove the stolen Explorer to the hospital at approximately 8:45 a.m. in order to pick up his friend that had been arrested earlier that morning. The friend had complained of a medical issue upon his arrest, and was taken to the hospital. An Edina police officer was there to complete booking information regarding the friend, who called the suspect and asked to be picked up when he was released from the hospital. When the suspect arrived, the Edina officer recognized saw that he was driving the Explorer that had been reported stolen, resulting in his arrest, Herman explained.

When questioned about the vehicle theft, the suspect’s story changed several times. Regardless, he was found to be in possession of keys to the stolen vehicle, and eventually said that he had no cash or way to get home from the convenience store after being dropped off there, and took the Explorer so he could go home and sleep for a few hours prior to a job interview, Herman noted.


The victim said he was approached by the perpetrator at approximately 5 a.m. Nov. 4. The perpetrator asked the driver how much it would cost for a ride to Bloomington. The driver estimated it was a $30 fare, and the perpetrator entered the victim’s Dodge Caravan. The driver asked the man if he was paying by cash or credit card, and the man told him he would pay cash. The driver asked for an advance payment, and the perpetrator showed him cash, but exited the vehicle instead of pre-paying for the ride, according to Herman.

The driver agreed to drive the man to Bloomington without pre-payment, and headed to the area of South Pointe Apartments, near the intersection of American Boulevard East and Portland Avenue. Upon arrival the victim asked for $30 from the perpetrator, who said he had to get out of the cab to remove the cash from his pocket. The victim said that the man instead pulled out a pistol, held it at his hip and demanded cash from him. He reported giving the man $150 from his wallet, and said that the perpetrator also took his cell phone, which had been mounted on the windshield of the vehicle, Herman explained.

The perpetrator fled between buildings at the apartments and the victim drove to a nearby gas station in Richfield to call the police, Herman noted.

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